Beyond Cabinets

We started small, a single impassioned woodworker leaving the marketing world to pursue a life long dream on his own.  Along the way we picked up one of the most experienced craftsman in the metro and supplied him with the crew necessary to make something more than simple cabinets.

We have grown to have 7 employees, a couple of trusty contractors, and a growing portfolio of what most companies would call customers but we call friends.

The biggest difference with Helm Improvement versus the other companies you have worked with on your home in the past is that we first and foremost want to listen to you.  We want to understand your goals for your space, the budget and timelines you are working with, and what you would define as a successful project.  We make dream spaces come true just as often as we make beautifully functional remodels work within the scope of their budget.  Again, your goals and ideas are the starting point of every conversation.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about Helm Improvement,

Tim Helm