How It All Got Started

In 1987 a Kansas Wildlife and Parks Officer, Byron Walker, moved into the house next to mine when I was 6.  I was Dennis the menace and he was a wood working enthusiast. By the end of the summer I was carving ducks, building book cases and driving his wife insane with my ability to shadow him.  I’ve been doing custom woodwork and remodeling work my entire adulthood on the side, and in 2015 I finally left the rigors of the business world to pursue my passion.

Greg Musick, a close family friend, had a wood working shop (5 Star Custom Furniture) for 25+ years before Helm Improvement took it over a few years back.  I have much gratitude for his influence and mentoring along the way.

From design to installation it is all done by Helm Improvement and we welcome discussions about any projects you have in mind.  Our experience and your vision are a simple consultation away from making your dream kitchen or space a reality.

And if you’re bored take in a couple pages of my unfinished book, and gain insight into what went into the person behind the process and production of your cabinets by clicking here:  The Book – An Unfinished Symphony.

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