To anyone who might run upon The Book I have started:

I started this book over a year ago.  Any chapter that has a link means it is reasonably close to completion and has been published in its infancy on this site.  There are times in these chapters where I have left in notes to myself to come back and clear up at a later date, I intentionally wanted them to be seen given this works incompletion to this date and/or to give insight into how my mind may have been working at the time.

This isn’t meant to be a monologue, nor a self help book, nor anything specific.  But at the same time, if it helps one person, inspires one person, or causes many to rally for me to complete it then it has been a success, even in its partial state.  It’s probably 1/4th written, and the Constants are the reason I started writing it.  I realized though, there was much color that would be needed and or enjoyed along the way.

And try and keep in mind that the ordering of chapters was never finalized and originally I had the constants up front even… but then realized for the pleasure of reading it was best people get to know me and my experiences before I launched into such things…  I hope you enjoy it, even in its scattered and partial state.


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