Miscellaneous Writing – Some for Book and Some Random

Random Unfinished Writing Likely to be included, but didn’t fit the chapters I typed it up during: Stereotyping Let’s start off with a simple and fun discussion.  Let’s stereotype ourselves.  I currently run a research department and one of our research team functions is Targeting.  Targeting is the process of determining what consumers someone wants … More Miscellaneous Writing – Some for Book and Some Random

Section 18.4 – Personal Health (Physical & Pyschological)

Chapter 18 | Section 18.4|  Personal Health (Physical & Pyschological) Your physical health and your mental health both play a big part in how good you felt about each day as you lay down to sleep.  And if one or both have been bothering you today, this week, or for months than that can quickly … More Section 18.4 – Personal Health (Physical & Pyschological)

Section 18.2 – Societal/Self-Perception

Chapter 18 | Section 18.2| Societal/Self-Perception Confidence in yourself is key to turning failures into eventual successes.  With confidence, both your view of yourself as well as the way society is viewing you plays a large role.  To start with you need to evaluate yourself.  When you walk into any room or situation, what do … More Section 18.2 – Societal/Self-Perception