Miscellaneous Writing – Some for Book and Some Random

Random Unfinished Writing Likely to be included, but didn’t fit the chapters I typed it up during:


Let’s start off with a simple and fun discussion.  Let’s stereotype ourselves.  I currently run a research department and one of our research team functions is Targeting.  Targeting is the process of determining what consumers someone wants to grow their product sales within (demographics), learning how best to approach that customer (psychographics), and tracking down the best places to find that customer (geographics). Doing this makes whatever promotional dollars you are looking to spend be more effectively spent.

I’ll use myself as the example (so I’m making myself a target and not singling out others):

  • Demographics:
    • A Mid 30’s middle income Male w/2.5 kids and The Wife.
      • The .5 kid is now a year and a half old so I guess I should round up to 3.
    • Interests:  Golf, Fishing, Hunting, Outdoors, Sports, Cooking, Construction, Wood Working, & Competition of any sort
      • When Cooking For People The Average Meal Looks Like:
        • Appetizer:  Grilled Bacon Wrapped Something & likely has cheese too
        • Main Course:  Grilled Steak
        • Side #1:  Grilled Pork Chop
        • Side #2:  Grilled Bratwurst
      • Desert:  On the 25% chance I thought about it…. It’s prepackaged and unwrapped in front of guests as I throw it on the table and say “BOOOOM”
  • Geographics
    • Upbringing:  Small town where only half the girls in my school were dateable.  Literally, I was related to the other half.  Crushing blow.
    • Current Location:  Midwestern “big city”…  Kansas City Metro area – where you have the convenience of modern city but within 5 miles I can be on a road where I can’t see a single house or building that isn’t a silo.
  • Pyschographics
    • If it blows stuff up, looks cool, has at least one wheel, is food that can be smoked/grilled, or says ‘Merica on the package…. AND you manage to at least put out an ad that I see at some point… I’m going to buy it.

So what am I?  Yup, I’m a Redneck.  And if you have a product that blows stuff up legally, can help chop a tree down, or attracts predators instead of scaring them off… I’m buying that shit and you should be marketing it to me.

Now all that said, we gather things like “General age range, male or female, income level” etc. from our clients to target…  But in layman’s terms, we are looking for things like “Middle Income households with 2 or more children” or “People in or near retirement that have a higher propensity to drink wine” etc.  The PC world we live in sucks, and the ill intent of a few ruins the associations of the many.  I’m guessing redneck is an offensive term, but to me it just helps someone understand me.  If I walked up to you and you asked me what I like to do… if I told you that I liked to hunt and fish and do general redneck things….  You’d already know what to get me for Christmas, let alone what topics you might have interest that align with me.

  • kjjkkjjkkjkj

Here’s an example.  A company I have recently found that caters perfectly to my past times growing up is 5.11 Tactical.  They sell accessories to police forces and the public that you’d see in a tactical mission.  Flashlights, boots, pocket knives, etc.  A company a hunter or former/current military member or general outdoorsmen would really like.

Phrases that occurred during writing:

  • Jack of all trades…  and master of all.
  • If you are going to do it, do it with personality.
  • Failure isn’t to be feared, it is immediate feedback and motivation.  As long as you continue to try different things, repeated failure is always a success.  As you will eventually succeed.  Failing and attempting to succeed with no adjustments is failing on purpose…

Kid Conversation:

  • With Bay 8/5/2014
    • Tim:  You going to read my book after you learn to read Bay?
    • Bay:  Is it a kid book?
    • Tim:  No, it’s an adult book.
    • Bay:  Well then why would you write it Dad?
    • Tim:  Good point.

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