Section 18.4 – Personal Health (Physical & Pyschological)

Chapter 18 | Section 18.4|  Personal Health (Physical & Pyschological)

Your physical health and your mental health both play a big part in how good you felt about each day as you lay down to sleep.  And if one or both have been bothering you today, this week, or for months than that can quickly submarine your attitude and snowball into bigger problems.  This chapter is all about being reasonable about your health and honest with yourself.

Your physical health isn’t necessarily achieving that 6 minute mile that eluded you back in high school track.  It’s much simpler and more complicated than that all at the same time.  For those people that have regular doctor’s appointments with their physician, dentist, optometrist, etc. and haven’t had anything of concern in so long they can’t even remember… then you guys are whipping the physical side.  For the rest of us and 99% of the world… we may skip an appointment here or there and also be warned repeatedly by someone about a habit we have and just refuse to adjust it.  We might even have a nagging injury or tooth ache that we don’t want to tell anyone about for fear of them looking down on us or for the monetary ramifications it might represent etc.

Being open about our own health and admitting we didn’t take care of ourselves like we could/should have or that we need help is typically difficult.  Add in that much of the healthcare that we need often times leads to big bills and there is unusually high apprehension about healthcare.  Walking into an office to see someone who we don’t know evaluate us and then hand us a bill that might means we have to give up cable or even be late on a house payment is daunting.  Yet avoiding these things leads to bigger problems which we all already realize but pretend isn’t the case.

Regardless of age, are you satisfied with the efforts you are making to keep your body in the shape you want it to be?  And this isn’t just weight…  It’s your teeth, blood pressure, that knee that you have been favoring for months now.  One thing can be enough to trouble you depending on how important it is to you.  But in the same token, having gained 5 pounds on vacation and received your first ever high blood pressure reading shouldn’t immediately chalk up a 0 either.


The mental side is just as important.  You can be running around with 5% body fat looking for excuses to ask if anyone has two tickets… to the gun show… but if you roll back into your house at night only to dog yourself about how you shouldn’t have eaten that snickers bar last week and how you lament dropping out of college 2 years ago and you regularly question yourself

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